Seminar on Agro-Enterpreneurship : Rural Development Based On Integrated Modern Agribusiness

Taiwan UGM ICDF Alumni

Speakers for this seminar is Mr. Andrew Hsia (Representative of Taiwan Economic and Trade Office), Leroy Samy Uguy, M.A., Ph.D. (Deputy Assistant of Superior Commodity Development, Economics and Business Development Section, in representation of Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (KDPT) Minister), Dr. Ir. Jamhari , M.S. (Dean of Faculty of Agriculture UGM), and Mr. Lin Yen Jen (Chairman of Taiwan Technical Mission). 

The Seminar was attended by around 100 participants from various educational institutions and agencies, within or outside of UGM, Departments of Agriculture in D.I. Yogyakarta regions, S1 undergraduate/S2 S3 graduate students, Faculty of Agriculture UGM lecturers, groups from D.I. Yogyakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, groups from Taiwan, and management and members of ICDF/Taiwan Alumni Association

Arif Misbahul MBM, as the Chairman of Alumni Association, expected that this seminar strengthen the reciprocal relationship and create more benefit for the related parties, specifically in Agriculture sectors development to improve community’s welfare. Further, cooperation in education sector is also expected to improve, such as lecturers/students exchange and futher studies in graduate schools in notable universities in Taiwan.

Agro-Enterprenerurship Taiwan Indonesia UGM