Taiwan S1 Bachelor Degree Program Preparative Course: Matriculation

Matriculation is a program to commensurate student’s knowledge and to introduce campus and college life usually prepared for special recruit students.

On 2018, Matriculation Courses were prepared for S1 Bachelor Degree Industry-Academia Collaboration Taiwan Scholarship grantees who were selected by Taiwan Center Universitas Sebelas Maret.

The purpose for this Matriculation Course itself is to commensurate the various competencies of the students who were coming from various school, specifically students from suburbs region; it also introduced their campus further, and also strengthen the students bonds.

Result from Matriculation Course is the students readiness to commence their study in Taiwan, so that they could finish their S1 Bachelor Degree Program in Taiwan on time and with provisioned results.

Emphasized course materials besides Mandarin and English, were including Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

Matriculation Course prepared the prospective students the basic knowledge on their selected major, Taiwan college life, and so that their bond became stronger relative to students from other countries, thus becoming model for other students selected through other selection process.

Prof. Mujidin Taiwan Center
Industry-Academia Collaboration Taiwan Indonesia
Matrikulasi Taiwan Center

Taiwan Center General Lecture on Study Opportunities in New Southbond Policy Era – FEB UNDIP

Taiwan Center Undip New Southbound Policy

Currently, Taiwan is one of the ideal destination for Undergraduate and Graduate Studies for Indonesian people. Not only it is located relatively near to Indonesia, but also because its world-quality education, comparable to other western and developed countries.

Those aforementioned information was delivered by President of International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) Taiwan Arif Misbahul MBM in front of the students of Faculty of Economics and Business, Diponegoro University (FEB UNDIP), along with FEB UNDIP Dean, Dr. Suharnomo, and Head of International Office FEB UNDIP, Jaka Aminata S.E., M.A., Ph.D. in their campus, Monday afternoon (22/5)

“Each year, Taiwan Government provides more and more scholarship opportunities for Indonesian young generation to study in 163 universities in Taiwan with scholarship. Total amount of Indonesian students studying in Taiwan by 2019 can be multiplied up to 12.000 through scholarship schemes or other cooperative programs in accordance to President Tsai Ingwen government’s New Southbound Policy.”, Arif Misbahul, the Project Director Taiwan Studies Consortium, said.

According to Arif, education is one of the way to break the chain of poverty in developing country like Indonesia. However, total amount of doctorate degree scholars in Indonesia is around 31.000, far from ideal number Indonesia have, 160.000 doctorate scholars.

Furthermore, according to Arif, who is also S1 graduate from Faculty of Engineering, UGM, Taiwanese are also openly welcoming to newcomers and that Indonesian are one of the most welcomed communities by Taiwanese. Furthermore, based on the current data, there are around 300.000 Indonesian workers working in Taiwan and 27.000 of them are married and started their household with Taiwanese.

ICoSaPS International Conference: Technology and Innovation in Contemporary Democratic Society

Prof Liao Da Chi UNS Taiwan ICoSaPS

Prof. Da Chi Liao from Nasional Sun Yatsen University Taiwan,was invited as speaker for International Conference collaboration from UNS-Taiwan Center. Prof. Da Chi Liao mentioned that technology, innovation, and democracy factors are the most recent hot topics.

Even more so, current technology plays more role in democratic life, not only in Indonesia but also globally.

Based on attendance, there was improved variety, in which more different countries joined and participated in this conference. There are participants from Indonesia, Egypt, Netherlands, Australia, and Malaysia.

Therefore, new ideas to answer challenges of related phenomenons around technology and innovation in democratic society, are highly needed.

Prof Da Chi Liao Taiwan UNS NSYSU

International Conference on Small And Medium Enterprise Empowerment (ICSMEE)

Prof. Tai Wan Ping

Prof. Tai Wan Ping, Ph.D. professor of business from Cheng Shiu University was invited as speaker in International Conference held by Research and Community Services Institute, Universitas Sebelas Maret (LPPM UNS) in collaboration with Taiwan Center.

The International Conference themed “Enhancing Small Medium Enterprise Competitiveness Based on Creative Economy in Innovation Disruptions” not only invited international speakers from partner universities in Taiwan, but also speakers from Creative Economy Agency of the Republic Indonesia

The main purpose of this international conference is to serve as dissemination for research, knowledge, and experience in SME’s empowerment, in social, economical, and technological aspects from policy makers, stakeholders, researchers, volunteers, and practitioners, to be recommended as guidance and strategy to empower SMEs.

This International Conference is expected to be an effective knowledge sharing media in order to create competitive Indonesian SMEs.

Furthermore, this conference also provided opportunities to build cooperation and synergize the stakeholders (government agencies, universities, business enterprises, and NGO) in SMEs empowerment.

Prof. Tai Wan Ping Cheng Shiu University

Seminar on Agro-Enterpreneurship : Rural Development Based On Integrated Modern Agribusiness

Taiwan UGM ICDF Alumni

Speakers for this seminar is Mr. Andrew Hsia (Representative of Taiwan Economic and Trade Office), Leroy Samy Uguy, M.A., Ph.D. (Deputy Assistant of Superior Commodity Development, Economics and Business Development Section, in representation of Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (KDPT) Minister), Dr. Ir. Jamhari , M.S. (Dean of Faculty of Agriculture UGM), and Mr. Lin Yen Jen (Chairman of Taiwan Technical Mission). 

The Seminar was attended by around 100 participants from various educational institutions and agencies, within or outside of UGM, Departments of Agriculture in D.I. Yogyakarta regions, S1 undergraduate/S2 S3 graduate students, Faculty of Agriculture UGM lecturers, groups from D.I. Yogyakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, groups from Taiwan, and management and members of ICDF/Taiwan Alumni Association

Arif Misbahul MBM, as the Chairman of Alumni Association, expected that this seminar strengthen the reciprocal relationship and create more benefit for the related parties, specifically in Agriculture sectors development to improve community’s welfare. Further, cooperation in education sector is also expected to improve, such as lecturers/students exchange and futher studies in graduate schools in notable universities in Taiwan.

Agro-Enterprenerurship Taiwan Indonesia UGM

Visiting Professor from NKNU Taiwan in UNS

Prof Lee Leong Szee NKNU UNS

Visiting Professor from NKNU Taiwan in UNS : “From the Southern History Taiwan to the South East Asia: Chinese Society and Multiculturalism”.

Prof. Lee Leong Sze, Ph.D, history expert from National Kaohsiung Normal University (NKNU), were invited to deliver in General Lecture in Bachelor and Master Degree Program of History Education of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS).

Prof. Lee and three other professors were on their Cooperative Visitation to UNS as one of the MoU between UNS and NKNU implementation. Beside delivering general lectures, they were also invited as speakers in International Seminars at several faculties in UNS, and also arranged further cooperation, e.g. Joint-research and Staff exchange UNS-Taiwan.

UNSRI – Taiwan Scholarship Workshop

beasiswa taiwan indonesia unsri

Arif Misbahul MBM (Project Director Taiwan Studies Consortium/ ICDF Indonesia Representative) attended this Taiwan Government’s Scholarship Workshop as a speaker. The Workshop was held in KPA Meeting Room, Sriwijaya University (UNSRI), Palembang, for 2 days.

The purpose of this Taiwan Scholarship Program is to incite and provide opportunities not only for the best lecturers and alumni of UNSRI, but also for high performing students, to pursue their further studies in Taiwan. Arif Misbahul explained that ESIT SCHOLARSHIP (University’s Scholarship) application can be done alongside other Taiwan Scholarship applications: MOE Scholarship, ICDF Scholarship, MOST Scholarship, MOFA Scholarship, TIGP Scholarship, and Taiwan Universities scholarship (ESIT Scholarship) and others, including LPDP. When successfully granted more than one, grantee may choose the most suitable one.

During the workshop, he also mentioned the requirements for prospective applicants of Taiwan Scholarship to apply for selection process. The workshop participants were required to submit their application files, such as Original copy of Graduation Certificate and Transcript (in Indonesia and English), and others, i.e. KTP (National ID).

The Workshop was started with Opening by Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Prof. Ir. H. Zainuddin Nawawi, P.hD.. In his opening speech, he advised the participants to endeavor to apply so that they would succeed in the selection process thus able to pursue their S2 Master Degree and S3 Doctoral Degree studies in Taiwan. He also conveyed that after they finished their study in Taiwan, they would be back joining UNSRI.

UNSRI Taiwan Scholarship Workshop