Formosa Technology Training Center

Taiwan Government established Formosa Technology Training Center located in Tangerang Industrial Area as a Training Center, designed for 6-months Training in Manufacturing and Technology field for Indonesian High School and Vocational High School graduates. These graduates are prioritized to be assigned in several Taiwan and Indonesia companies.

Complemented with equipment and machinery valued at USD 1 Million, the Training is focused in Machinery Maintenance and Repair Technician knowledge, especially Taiwan’s machinery products, including Precision Manufacture, Dynamic Control, and Molding Printing Techniques; all presented in dual-language, Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin, with 20-25 students for each class capacity. As for now, Training for High School and Vocational High School graduates has had been carried out in several groups. On the other hand, Formosa Technology Center is also providing assistance for Indonesian workers in operating the equipment and machinery to increase competitiveness of Indonesian Industrial Human Resources.

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