Formosa Technology Training Center

Taiwan Government established Formosa Technology Training Center located in Tangerang Industrial Area as a Training Center, designed for 6-months Training in Manufacturing and Technology field for Indonesian High School and Vocational High School graduates. These graduates are prioritized to be assigned in several Taiwan and Indonesia companies.

Complemented with equipment and machinery valued at USD 1 Million, the Training is focused in Machinery Maintenance and Repair Technician knowledge, especially Taiwan’s machinery products, including Precision Manufacture, Dynamic Control, and Molding Printing Techniques; all presented in dual-language, Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin, with 20-25 students for each class capacity. As for now, Training for High School and Vocational High School graduates has had been carried out in several groups. On the other hand, Formosa Technology Center is also providing assistance for Indonesian workers in operating the equipment and machinery to increase competitiveness of Indonesian Industrial Human Resources.

Vocational Training Program

ICDF – Indonesia assigned performance students from Indonesia to pursue Vocational Training Program for 2 months in Taichung – Changhua – Nantou Regional Branch of the Ministry of Labor’s Workforce Development Agency.

The project aimed to assist young talent in cultivating professional and technical abilities, enhancing trainees’ employment opportunities and career development.

Training program is cooperating with the Taichung – Changhua – Nantou Regional Branch of the Ministry of Labor’s Workforce Development Agency, utilizing the agency’s vocational training venues and trainers, and addressing the kinds of skills needed for everyday life in Taiwan partner countries. Four classes are being offered, covering electrical and plumbing services, automotive mechanics, computer software and network applications, and wood working industries.

Through its professional and technical themes, and intensive vocational training curriculum, this two-months program will not only be helping participants to increase their basic knowledge and skills in selected disciplines: Guidance on youth entrepreneurship will also be provided throughout the training period as part of basic business management courses and a common curriculum designed to enhance the young trainees’ competitiveness in terms of employability.

In addition, after returning home the trainees are expected to become model personnel in their countries’ efforts to promote the spread of vocational training and techniques, further expanding cooperative relations between Taiwan and its worldwide partners.

Taiwan Industrial Training : Industry Academia Collaboration Program

Taiwan is developed industrial country in Asia region and is known with its innovative high technology products. Taiwan developed industrialization is also supported with world-quality education system, which according to World Economic Forum (WEF), on 2006 and 2007, Higher Education and Training in Taiwan ranked in 5th and 4th Best Globally. Taiwanese is known to be friendly and is also mentioned as The World’s 2nd Safest Country. Complement with quality lifestyle, low average living cost, and promising career opportunities, Taiwan is chosen to be The World’s Most Convenient Country for Foreign Workforces & Expatriates. Indonesia and Taiwan has had a close relationship, currently, there are 27 thousands of Indonesian people started household in Taiwan, and more than 300 thousands of Indonesian people working in Taiwan. Through Industry Academia Collaboration Program, Taiwan Center Indonesia induces students from Partner universities in Indonesia to pursue Professional Training Program – Cheng Shiu University, enriched with Industrial Internships in world class industries in Taiwan. Taiwan Industrial Training includes Training for International Business Program and Training for Food Industry Program for 1 year in Cheng Shiu University with Internship in Partner Industries in Taiwan. These Training Programs are made as one of the pre-requirement for Indonesian D-3 Diploma graduates to pursue S-2 Master Degree Program in Cheng Shiu University in accordance to MoU Agreement between Cheng Shiu University (CSU) and Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS University) .

Six Taiwan Students Join UNS Hi Java Cultural Course

UNS Cultural Course Taiwan

Six students from UNS Partner Universities in Taiwan alongside with students from Japan and Canada joined Hi Java Cultural Course held by International Office UNS for 2 weeks in Surakarta City and closeby areas.

Hi Java Cultural Course delivered in English to provide understanding on short history, community, language, art, and culture of Jawa (Java) and Indonesia.

The program was specially prepared by combining class courses in the morning continued by field trip or field study in the afternoon. Courses material in this program is designed for international students needed basic and common information about culture of Indonesia and Java.

Result from the learning process during this course will be beneficial in many areas, including academic purposes and professional purposes. Hi Java Cultural Course was held in Surakarta and the surrounding area, where the students visited several cultural sites, thus they can learn with fun.

Cultural Course International Java

Taiwan Entrepreneurship Camp

A total of 15 students from Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS University) would be put into internships through Entrepreneurship Students Movement partnered with international scale Taiwan Industries. This activity is organized by Taiwan Center collaborating under UNS Global Challenge Progran funding supervised by International Office UNS University.

All 15 students to have internship in Taiwan are selected from 100 participants in Student Life Skill Training – Independence and Entrepreneurial Scope held in UNS University.

Taiwan Entrepreneurship Camp offers participants a unique Taiwan adventure featuring culture and study programs, in collaboration with National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan.

Taiwan has the cultural diversity and Tainan is the cultural capital of Taiwan. The programs not only exercise the experience of starting and managing a business in Taiwan, but also cultivate the mindset and action of creativity and entrepreneurship. During the activities, participants are drilled into deep thinking and inspiration for creativity immerse with culture and technology.

At the same time, visiting the famous enterprises and interacting with Taiwan’s entrepreneurs and educators as dialogue to accomplish entrepreneurship, participants will get the clear profile of the ecosystems of culture and entrepreneurship in Taiwan. Moreover, there are excursions for exploring the lovely Taiwan during the camp.