Taiwan S1 Bachelor Degree Program Preparative Course: Matriculation

Matriculation is a program to commensurate student’s knowledge and to introduce campus and college life usually prepared for special recruit students.

On 2018, Matriculation Courses were prepared for S1 Bachelor Degree Industry-Academia Collaboration Taiwan Scholarship grantees who were selected by Taiwan Center Universitas Sebelas Maret.

The purpose for this Matriculation Course itself is to commensurate the various competencies of the students who were coming from various school, specifically students from suburbs region; it also introduced their campus further, and also strengthen the students bonds.

Result from Matriculation Course is the students readiness to commence their study in Taiwan, so that they could finish their S1 Bachelor Degree Program in Taiwan on time and with provisioned results.

Emphasized course materials besides Mandarin and English, were including Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

Matriculation Course prepared the prospective students the basic knowledge on their selected major, Taiwan college life, and so that their bond became stronger relative to students from other countries, thus becoming model for other students selected through other selection process.

Prof. Mujidin Taiwan Center
Industry-Academia Collaboration Taiwan Indonesia
Matrikulasi Taiwan Center

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