Visiting Professor from NKNU Taiwan in UNS

Prof Lee Leong Szee NKNU UNS

Visiting Professor from NKNU Taiwan in UNS : “From the Southern History Taiwan to the South East Asia: Chinese Society and Multiculturalism”.

Prof. Lee Leong Sze, Ph.D, history expert from National Kaohsiung Normal University (NKNU), were invited to deliver in General Lecture in Bachelor and Master Degree Program of History Education of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS).

Prof. Lee and three other professors were on their Cooperative Visitation to UNS as one of the MoU between UNS and NKNU implementation. Beside delivering general lectures, they were also invited as speakers in International Seminars at several faculties in UNS, and also arranged further cooperation, e.g. Joint-research and Staff exchange UNS-Taiwan.

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